Installing Our Android App

You should first try to install our App from Google Play.

If you could not install from Google Play, you could sideload it by download our Android BLE Controller App from the browser on your Android device and simply "click" the downloaded file to install.

For more information about “Sideloading” an Android App, please visit How to sideload and install Android applications [ANDROID 101] .

Android Device Compatibility List

Kindly email us if yours is not listed, thank you for your support and contribution.

We have tested the following devices with Android OS 4.3 or later.

Nexus 4, 5

Nexus 7

Samsung Note 3 / GT-I9300 / GT-I9500

Huawei Ascend P7

Below is a list of compatible Android device & OS version reported by our great Users, thanks again.

HTC One + 4.4.2 (Sam Clifton)
HTC One M7 + Android 4.4.2 (Tomasz Boyke)

Moto X + 4.4.2 (David Lee)
Moto G + 4.4.4 (Chris Ball)

OnePlus One with CyanogenMod ROM (Roger Sjödin)

Samsung Galaxy S5 (Scott Delavan)

Sony Xperia E1 + 4.3 (Drona Nagarajan)
Sony Xperia Z1 + 4.4.4 (Otmar Klenk)