Our Bluetooth LE Beacon Offerings

RedBear Beacon B1

Based on users' feedback over the past few months. We have produced a Bluetooth LE Beacon specially engineered for Location Based Services (LBS), our RedBear Beacon B1.

RedBear Beacon is a dedicated beacon device and does not support BLE Mini or third party firmware; its firmware will not be open sourced and has proprietary iBeacon and LBS features.

Please visit our sister site for more details.

MiniBeacon (iBeacon for BLE Mini)

We have posted the source code on GitHub.

Please visit our the MiniBeacon forum if you have something to discuss or share.

*iBeacon for BLE Shield
We will evaluate the feasibility of implementing iBeacon for BLE Shield. Please sign up for our mailing list if you want to be informed about new update.


  1. Tested with latest iOS 7 & 8
  2. Run standalone as iBeacon, Arduino or external host is not required.
  3. You can customize your own iBeacon configuration including UUID etc.
  4. You can run multiple BLE Mini iBeacons at the same time.
  5. No soldering work is required if power through Micro USB.

You have three options to power BLE Mini
- VIN pin (J4), 3.6V to 11V
- Micro USB connector, 5V
- Coin Cell Battery, 2.3V to 3.6V
(We will optimize the power consumption once the iBeacon specification is made public, in the mean time no battery performance data can be provided.)

Quick Start

You can power our BLE Mini with a 5V power source through the micro USB connector; if you do not intend to use coin cell battery or other power source, no soldering work is required.

Step 1. Upload the latest MiniBeacon Firmware into BLE Mini

Note: If you have developed your own firmware for BLE Mini that utilize the EEPROM, please backup your data in the EEPROM before using this firmware as part of the storage in the EEPROM will be used to save the configuration data.

You will need a Microsoft Windows PC and an USB cable with micro USB connector for the upgrade process. Press and hold the push button on BLE Mini while connecting it to your PC, it should show a mass storage drive (e.g. E:), then you can release the push button, delete the existing .bin file (e.g. Biscuit.bin or old RBL-iBeacon.bin) and drag the latest MiniBeacon Firmware into the drive.

MiniBeacon can operates under two modes, broadcasting mode or maintenance mode. It will enter broadcasting mode at startup, by default the green LED is ON. It will broadcast iBeacon signal periodically.

Step 2. Switch MiniBeacon to maintenance mode by pressing the button on BLE Mini
The Blue LED on BLE Mini should be ON.

Step 3. Download our sample MiniBeacon App to customize your MiniBeacon
Our sample app will automatically connect to the first MiniBeacon it discovers. You can also customize your MiniBeacon settings using your own codes or third party BLE utility apps.


  1. iBeacon UUID UUID: 0xB0702881-A295-A8AB-F734-031A98A512D
  2. a unique 16-bytes value in HEX for advertising
  3. Major identity ID UUID: 0xB0702882-A295-A8AB-F734-031A98A512DE
  4. a 2-bytes value, ranging from 0 to 65535 (0xFFFF)
  5. Minor identity ID UUID: 0xB0702883-A295-A8AB-F734-031A98A512DE
  6. a 2-bytes value, ranging from 0 to 65535 (0xFFFF)
  7. Measured Power UUID: 0xB0702884-A295-A8AB-F734-031A98A512DE
  8. a 1-byte signed value, ranging from -100 to 0
  9. Please refer to Apple's AirLocate example about how to obtain Measured Power for your iBeacon
  10. LED Switch UUID: 0xB0702885-A295-A8AB-F734-031A98A512DE
  11. a 1-byte value used to control the on-board green LED, either OFF (0x00) or ON (0x01)
  12. default is ON
  13. Advertising Interval UUID: 0xB0702886-A295-A8AB-F734-031A98A512DE
  14. a 2-bytes value, ranging from 100ms (0x0064) to 10000ms (0x2710) on a incremental of 5ms unit
  15. default is 250ms
  16. Output Power UUID: 0xB0702887-A295-A8AB-F734-031A98A512DE
  17. a 1-byte value, four available settings: -23dBm (0x00), -6dBm (0x01), 0dBm (0x02) or 4dBm (0x03)
  18. default is 0dBm
  19. MiniBeacon Firmware Version: 0xB0702888-A295-A8AB-F734-031A98A512DE
  20. current version "MiniBeacon_20131205"

Apple and iBeacon are trademarks of Apple Inc.